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Command lever double

Command lever double

Price: €8.00

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Trailer dumper


The trailer offered by us is uni-axial and is designed to attach to or Tillers Tiller. There is a removable adapter allowing attachment to all types of Tiller and two-wheels tractors.

CAUTION - prohibited movement of the trailer along the national road network.

Price: €410.00
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Carrying capacity - 350 kg, mechanical foot brake, made ​​entirely of iron.
Wheels 16 "(tires 4.80/4.00-8).
The body is ribbed sheet metal, with cargo area 1220 x 950 mm, 320 mm deep and falling back channels equipped with additional, removable boards, increasing the height to 425 mm.
The seat is a bench below which has a separate luggage sector. Operating speed - up to 15 km / h Weight of empty trailer approximately - 120 kg.


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