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Command lever double

Command lever double

Price: €8.00
Air filter - foam

Air filter - foam

Price: €2.90
Belt 1

Belt 1

Price: €2.10

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Tiller FORTECO F90R6.5


Tiller is suitable for mechanical entrenchment of vegetable areas.

  • Code: 019
  • Manufacturer: PRISMA 50 LTD
  • Weight: 53.000 Kgs
  • Rating: Rating: 10
Price: €359.00
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Gears: 1 working + 1 revers
Working width: 30, 60 and 90 cm
Working depth: down to 25 cm
Output: 1,2 dka/h
Transmission: Chain, dismountable
Clutch: Stairing roller
Working parts: Tempered galvanize steel
Revolution of the working parts: 120 rpm
Engine: WILTEH, gasoline, four-cycle
Engine's power: 6,5 Hp
Fuel tank volume: 3,5 l
Crankcase volume: 650 ml
Starting mode: Manual
Engine shaft: OHV
Carton dimensions: 80 x 40 x 68 cm
Net weight: 52 kg

by Lotta, 14 Dec 2011

And to think I was going to talk to soemone in person about this.


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Tiller FORTECO F90R6.5

Tiller FORTECO F90R6.5

Price: €359.00