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Share your experiences, memories or experience in cutting. Ipratetet us to 31.08.2012g. your photos and videos and your data bloger@prismagarden.com electron-mail and we will publikovame of our site www.prismagarden.com, and our visitors will opredelyad best of them, who will receive jersey gift company and 10% shopping ..





Command lever double

Command lever double

Price: €8.00
Air filter - foam

Air filter - foam

Price: €2.90
Belt 1

Belt 1

Price: €2.10

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About Us

PRISMA 50 LTD. is established in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Main activities of the company, since it has been founded, include designing and producing small size agricultural machines and wide range of farm equipment.

PRISMA 50 LTD. is the biggest manufacturer in Bulgaria for that kind of machines.

Through the years we have gained great experience and as a result of this our products are with high quality, strong mechanism and nice exterior.  All machines are designed for continuous exploitation and correspond to safety requirements in conformity with BDS_EN_709+A4; BDS_EN_ISO_4254-1; BDS_EN_ISO_12100-2-A1.

A company standard is establishing business relationships with customers and partners based on accuracy, loyalty, trust and mutual interests.

The aim of the company team is constantly researching and identifying the needs of our customers and offer solutions as soon as we can with the required quality and reasonable prices.

Production capacity of our company is twelve thousand machines per year.


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New Products

Trash pump - 5.5 HP

Trash pump - 5.5 HP

Price: €271.00
Мotor pump – 3 inches

Мotor pump – 3 inches

Price: €187.00
Мotor pump – type B 3 TRM

Мotor pump – type B 3 TRM

Price: €1,074.00