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Držádlo spojky

Držádlo spojky

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Vzduchový filtr - pěna

Vzduchový filtr - pěna

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Řemen 1

Řemen 1

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Terms & Conditions

1). These terms and conditions representing the contract for the provision of "Prism 50" Ltd. (UIC BG825367599) on its own website store.tiller-bg.com, the implementation of virtual contact between sellers and buyers, consumers and the rights and obligations of users website store.tiller-bg.com, owned by Prisma 50 "LTD.

2). Parties to this contract are "Prisma 50" Ltd. (UIC BG825367599) on one hand and each user loaded website store.tiller-bg.com.

3). User states that he is familiar with these terms and conditions and any active action on his part, or maintain passive behavior since the website store.tiller-bg.com is loaded in the browser, will be considered as an electronic statement that agrees with these conditions of use.

4). Active action is clicking / pressing / selecting an electronic link or banner that takes the user to other sites from the site store.tiller-bg.com.

5). Retention of passive behavior means not leaving the site after it has charged in a user's browser.

II. Explanation of some terms

The users declare that they are aware of and agree with the definitions of the following terms:
Website is a collection of websites with a common header web page that is loaded in your browser when type the address store.tiller-bg.com;

Members of the website or site means any person who typedthe e-addressor reach the website or by shifting the site from another website;

Interface - a combination of graphical objects associated with the code by which a user communicates with the website in an accessible way for him.

Platform - a set of preliminary design, programming and graphics solutions, forming a single unit providing an accessible environmentto the userenabling the web.

Browser - a computer program enabling the transmission, processing and visualization of data through different types of protocols for data transmission.

Hyperlink is a link labeled in a website that allows automatic referral to another website, information resource or object using standardized protocols.

Malicious actions are actions or omissions in violation with ethicsor causing damages to persons connected to the Internet and associated networks, sending spam (unsolicited commercial messages, SPAM), gaining access to resources to foreign rights and passwords, using deficiencies systems for personal benefit or to obtain information (HACK), perform actions that can be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destroying systems or data sets (CRACK), sending a Trojan horse or causing installation of viruses, or remote control systems, disturbing the normal operation of other users of the Internet and associated networks, carrying out  any actions that may be classified as a crime or administrative violation under Bulgarian law or other applicable law. 

Information System / System is each individual device or group of interconnected or related devices in executing a program provides automatic data processing. 

Website under these Terms means integral and distinct part of the website.

IP Address ("IP address") is a unique identifier, associating a computer, Internet site or resource user in a way that allows its location in the Internet.

Password is the code of letters, numbers and symbols, which together with the username  is  used to access user profile.

User name is chosen by the user a unique code of letters, numbers and symbols by which it is individualized relationship with the Contractor.

Profile is a separate part of the website "Prism 50" Ltd., containing user information required by PRISMA 50 ", Ltd, held by him, used and processed only for purposes of Art. 4 para. 1, point3 of the Protection of personal data such as access to user profile is done by entering the username and password.

Accident event is,unforeseen at the time of the contract,circumstances of extraordinary nature, which makes the provision of services objectively impossible.

Website / website ("website") is a special place in the global Internet network, accessible through its unique address (URL) protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standardized protocol and containing files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.

III. Subject of the contract

1). PRISMA 50 "Ltd provides for use of consumer, platform for online shopping using the shopping block, through its website store.tiller-bg.com.
 2). The contract by which the consumer purchases goods / services using the platform provided by PRISMA 50 ", Ltd, is different from these general conditions, while conducting electrons statement concluding the sales contract , the user agrees well with these general conditions and the contents of the sales contract, available in a apparent place in the interface for sale.

3). PRISMA 50 "Ltd only supports Internet site store.tiller-bg.com, having no responsibility in the following cases:

For damages caused by incorrect behavior of third parties, promoting through the internet site owned by Prism 50 ", Ltd, or third parties contracted to the site store.tiller-bg.com;.

For infringements of copyright and related rights through the placement of materials subject to those rights granted by third parties, promoting through the internet site owned by Prisma 50 "Ltd.;.

For damages caused by other sites accessible via links / banners placed on this site;

For any damages caused to users in providing the service, except for intentionally caused harm;

For damages sustained caused of absence or interruption of accessibility to the website store.tiller-bg.com, independence of the same team

4). The username with which user is registered, does not confer any rights except the right to use the actual username in the information system of PRISMA 50 "LTD. When a user changes his username, PRISMA 50 "Ltd. is not verified and is not responsible for the authenticity of the new username for whether it affects the rights of third parties and in particular the right to name or other personal rights, trade name ( company), the right to trademark or other intellectual property rights.

5). User agrees to use of the granted access to the electronic platform: to observe the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable foreign laws, these Terms and Conditions, Internet ethics, rules of morality and decency, not to prejudice the reputation of others and not calling for violent change the constitutional order, to commit a crime, to violence or the incitement of racial, ethnic or religious hatred, not preaching fascist or other anti-democratic ideology, not to violate another's property or moral rights, including intellectual property rights ; immediately notify PRISMA 50 "Ltd. in case of infringement committed or, not to interfere in the proper operation of the system, including but not limited to not frustrate the procedure of identification of another user can not accessed outside the supplied , does not impair or impede the availability, reliability or quality of the access, and not to use it in a way causing denial of its use; not extracted by technical means or by technical means information resources or parts of information resources belonging to databases located on the "Prisma 50" Ltd. and thus does not create a database in electronic or otherwise, not to impersonate another person or otherwise mislead others about your identity or affiliation to a certain group of people, not to carry out malicious actions under these Terms.

6). Unless explicitly stated, the user may not reproduce, modify, delete, publish, distribute and otherwise disclose the information resources available on the website of PRISMA 50 "LTD.

 IV. Privacy policy

1). PRISMA 50 "Ltd.  is responsible for protecting user’s information, become known to him in connection with registration - subject to these Terms, except in cases of force majeure, accident or malicious acts of third parties.

2). In the registration form filled in by the user during registration, PRISMA 50 "Ltd. denotes compulsory or voluntary nature of data and the consequences of refusing to provide them. By expressing agreement with these Terms, the user agrees the information for him to be handled in the manner provided in the same manner.

3). Restrictions in paragraph 1 shall not apply in case the user or persons under his supervision have committed malicious acts under these Terms or violated rights or legitimate interests of third parties. In this case, "Prisma 50" Ltd. has the right to disclose personal user information to the competent authorities under current legislation.

4). PRISMA 50 "Ltd. collects and uses information for consumers, only for the purposes provided in these Terms. Described purposes  which information is used for, are not exhaustive and does not create obligations for "Prism 50" LTD.

5). By accepting these Terms, the user agrees with processing of personal data for purposes of the sales contract for promoted goods.

6). User is entitled to be informed before personal data to be disclosed for the first time to third parties or used on their behalf for the purposes of direct marketing as be given the opportunity to object to such disclosure or use.

7). PRISMA 50 "Ltd. undertakes not to disclose any personal user information and not to provide information collected to third parties - public authorities, companies, individuals and others, except in cases where:

- Has obtained the express consent of the user upon registration or at a later time

- Information is required by public authorities or officials, according to current legislation are entitled to demand and collect such information in compliance with statutory procedures;

- Other specified by law.

V. Explanation ofthe technical steps to conclude a contract for purchase through the website store.tiller-bg.com
1). Downloading header website store.tiller-bg.com, user gets the opportunity to get familiarin detail with thepublished offer.

2). Doingactive action - select the link, banner, button or active image, the user declares that he is aware of the Terms of Use.

3). If the consumer is willing to sign a contract provided through its platform, it should reach the site - part of the site containing the specially developed interface through which a consumer will make electronic statement forconcludingasalescontract viathe system for block shopping. In case the user is not registered on the site to presentheshould pass short registration procedure in which voluntary compliance with these General Conditions provide the data necessary for contracting and execution of the contract.

4). The user, after studying the text and Terms of salescontract should be aware that the salescontract is signed not by the site owner

5). Payment of the contract price is done by exhaustive online ways as payment by a country is voluntary statement to the userthat is willing to pay in advance the product, on the other hand itis an electronic statement by the user that he agrees Terms and Conditions of Site Use, Terms of sale and the individual for a specific transaction terms which he has readby himself, approved and chosen so far.

6). After signing the contract, the user gets the location explicitly stated in the user interface provided by PRISMA 50 "LTD messagefor successfully adopted his electronic statement, which is confirmation that the contract is concluded. From there onwards, the parties shall be governed under the Terms and individual for a specific transaction terms.

7). Any changesin circumstances relating to the contract will be communicated to the user in the user interface provided by PRISMA 50 "LTD.

Additional conditions
1). These Terms include the following documents:

2). PRISMA 50 "Ltd. reserves the right to modify or supplement these Terms unilaterally without inform the user.

3). User declares that he is aware that its services purchased through the site fall within those described in Art. 50, para. 3, item 2 of the CPA.

4). User declares their explicit agreement to pay the price in sales contract in advance , which concludes through this platform.

5). The Parties declare that in case any of the clauses in these Terms and Conditions proves to be invalid and it will not drag the invalidity of the contract, clauses or other parts. Invalid clause will be replaced by mandatory rules of law or practice.

6).For  all unsettled questions of these Terms, will be applied the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

7). These Terms may be reviewed and updated at any time by PRISMA 50 "LTD. If you continue to use the site, you expressly agree to changes

All rights reserved!
PRISMA 50 "Ltd.


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